Daily free crypto points earning services

Daily free crypto points earning services

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, offering a new way of conducting transactions and a unique opportunity for earning. One of the intriguing aspects of cryptocurrency is the opportunity to earn by participating in daily points collecting on several services. In this article, we will explore various services that offer this opportunity. The most interesting will be on the bottom part of the article. Do not miss!

Regular crypto projects

Overline Network

ōLand provides Daily Crypto Rewards, Companion PFP, Overline Wireless, NFT Teleportation and more. Join here/Detailed todo


EarnTube is Web3 lifestyle app with attention-based social-fi & game-fi elements. Viewers can make reasonable earning just by. Join here/Detailed todo


ANKO is a new Korean project in which we receive 1 million tokens for registration + many types of additional earning. Join here/Detailed todo


Soquest is a platform for completing various quests, recently deployed a token, while there is no announcement of the drop, we can farm crystals and mint badges. Join here/Detailed todo

Magic Store

Magic Store is a decentralized marketplace for NFTs. Users can earn rewards by participating in their reward program. Join here/Detailed todo


Bitbama is a digital currency for crypto education and mass adoption. Currently, it is possible to collect project tokens daily, also invite friends and earn additional rewards. Join here/Detailed todo


Script.tv is a platform that rewards users for watching and interacting with content. Join here


AlienSwap is an NFT marketplace and aggregator supporting ETH, BASE, Linea, Scroll. The investment is $12 million from OKX, C2 Ventures and others. This activity is to collect points every day, which will be converted into the $ALIEN token. Join here/Detailed todo


NFPrompt is a project with an investment of $60 million and incubation from Binance, they have top investors behind them, and the airdrop has already been confirmed. Join here/Detailed todo


Republik is a web3 social network. The project collected $6 million in investments from: TRON, Mirana, Huobi and others. Rewards: XP for active users. You can farm XP points, that will be a converted in $RPK tokens. Join here/Detailed todo


Forge is a web3 gaming platform that allows gamers to combine gaming achievements and earn rewards for it. Raised $11 million from Animoca Brands, Polygon Ventures, Hashkey. Our goal is to collect as much XP as possible by completing simple activities. Join here


Intract is a web 3.0 platform where you can complete quests and receive rewards for it. Join here


Reiki is a next-gen AIGC platform with Proof of Creativity (PoC). Dataset, chatbot, and more. Collect leaves every day. Join here/Detailed todo


MyShell is a project for creating robots based on AI. But the most important thing is the support from Binance Labs. Now we can collect points, which will later be exchanged for tokens, NFTs, etc. Join here/Detailed todo

Carv Protocol

Carv Protocol a social gaming network, with subscriptions from BNB Chain, TaskOn, Star Protocol, Second Live, TrustPad on Twitter. The project received $60 million in investment from HashKey and is currently running an award campaign. Join here/Detailed todo


Redbrickland is a blockchain-based game platform that rewards users for playing games and participating in tournaments. You can collect points for completing simple tasks and receive $BRIC tokens. Join here/Detailed todo


Qna3 is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to answer questions, specializing in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The project plans to issue its own token, as well as distribute part of the total supply of tokens in the form of an airdrop. Join here


Arkana is a Web3 platform, they confirmed their drop on Twitter, you need to farm points. Join here/Detailed todo


De.fi is a Web3 SocialFi, portfolio tracker & Antivirus SuperApp that its token will be launched soon, and the app has currently announced a 60-day Quest campaign with a huge reward pool. Join here/Detailed todo

Joy ID

The JoyID Points(JPoints) are a very important part of JoyID ecosystem, they serve a key goal to including our community in the future success of JoyID protocol. It’s a program designed to make your wallet experience more fun and rewarding. Join here/Detailed todo


BRC APP is the first Bitcoin launchpad on the BRC network. The platform is designed for BRC tokens, for launchpads on the BRC network, games and trading on the platform itself. Farm points in their app, these points will be converted into $BRCT tokens. Join here/Detailed todo


Dscvr is the social home for Web3 communities. Collecting points daily on Solana. Join here/Detailed todo


SkyArk is a fairly popular blockchain-based game that combines several genres. The project attracted $15M in investments from Binance Labs, Gate Labs and other large companies and funds. We can farm points which maybe converted into $SAC tokens. Join here/Detailed todo


Starrynift is a co-creation metaverse platform, bringing immersive 3D virtual experience to Play, Create and Socialize. The project raised $10M, and 10% of the supply of tokens was allocated to the dropper. Join here/Detailed todo


Micro3 is a combination of advanced LayerZero and Chainlink technologies. Now we have the opportunity to mint Micro3 ID, collect crystals and then get a drop. Join here/Detailed todo



Ascendex is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can earn Bitcoin by participating in daily tasks. You can get Satoshi for completing simple tasks (Daily Bonus, deposit, turnover, staking) and when you accumulate 100k Satoshi, you can redeem and withdraw. Join here/Detailed todo


Celia Finance is a decentralized finance platform that rewards users with CLT tokens for participating in their program.  Mine CLT tokens every day. Join here/Detailed todo


Bitget is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can earn points by participating in daily tasks including simple Check-in. Join here/Detailed todo


Bingx is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can earn vouchers by participating in daily tasks and just by daily Check-in. Join here/Detailed todo


Bit is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can earn Bitcoin by participating in daily tasks and receive satoshies just for daily Check-in. Join here/Detailed todo


KiloEx is a DEX based on BNB Smart Chain. The project investor is Binance Labs with an unknown investment amount. Join here/Detailed todo


Price-Tracking Websites for Cryptoassets


Cryptorank is a price-tracking website for cryptoassets. Collect spaceships and exchange them to different rewards (Discounts, NFTs, Tokens, etc.). Join here


CoinMarketCap is a price-tracking website for cryptoassets that rewards users for participating in their program. Collect diamonds and exchange them to different rewards (Discounts, NFTs, Tokens, etc.). Join here


Coingecko is a price-tracking website for cryptoassets that rewards users for participating in their program. Collect candies and exchange them to different rewards (Discounts, NFTs, Tokens, etc.) Join here

Get Tradable Tokens


Havah is a platform that offers users the opportunity to earn HAVAH tokens by participating in daily tasks. You can get HVH tokens and other rewards daily. Join here/Detailed todo

Iskra World

Iskra is a one-stop Web3 gaming platform offering wallet, launcher, DEX, node system and games for developers and gamers. There is daily lucky spin there. Join here/Detailed todo

There you have it! A comprehensive list of platforms and services where you can earn cryptocurrency by participating in daily points collecting. Whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or a crypto enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. So why wait? Get started today and step into the future of earning with cryptocurrency!

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