What is it:

Scalping is a very common trading strategy among cryptocurrency day traders that uses small price movements over short periods of time.


Active crypto trading strategy.


The time can vary from seconds to minutes, and in some cases up to several hours.


Scalping is a crypto trading strategy in which traders profit from small changes in the price of a stock.
Scalping relies on technical analysis such as candlestick and MACD charts for execution.
The small profit made with this technique can be multiplied many times over if the trader consistently uses an exit strategy to reduce losses and make a profit.
The main idea is to buy or sell a number of shares at the bid or ask price and then quickly sell them a few cents higher or lower to make a profit.

How to:

Scalpers often trade on margin or futures contracts to increase profits through leverage. Since target interest rates are usually lower, larger position sizes generate more income. And this is true for most day trading strategies.
To determine entry and exit points for individual trades, scalpers use tools such as order book analysis, volume heatmaps, and a variety of technical indicators.

When to use:

When you see price movements over short periods of time. These can be liquidity gaps, bid-ask spreads, and other market features that you can take advantage of.


Due to the fast execution of trades and high risk, scalping is generally suitable for more experienced crypto traders. In addition, a few unsuccessful leveraged trades can easily wipe out your trading capital.
Scalpers need to be disciplined and stick to their trading regimen very strictly. Any decision that needs to be made must be made with confidence. But scalpers also need to be very flexible because cryptocurrency market conditions are very volatile and if a trade does not go as expected, they will need to correct the situation as quickly as possible without incurring too much loss.

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Source: CurrencyRate

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