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Daily opportunities to earn, get for Free, invest, mine, trade cryptocurrencies. Only concise, verified, and worthwhile info.
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🔥 The first coin from HotPad by Near Wallet

🎁 Meme coin $UVON in the NEAR network, for HOT holders

Coin pull 500k, per user they give:
◾️If you have 1 referral, you can buy $5 UWON
◾️If you have 5 referrals, you can buy $30 UWON
◾️If you have 10 referrals, you can buy $75 UWON

The purchase price of one token is 1 $UWO = 0.1 $HOT

👉 Mining the Hot token
👉 Join our village and earn 5% more

🔥 Next month, Telegram channel owners will be able to start receiving financial rewards for their work. The TON blockchain will be used for this - Durov

🚀 TON jumped up against the background of this news.

👉 Do you hold TON? - leave the comments

🍁 Time to Enter Web3Go Airdrop Episode 1

📆 Deadline: March 28

To Do:

1️⃣ Join the project for the next Episode
2️⃣ Start/Continue collect leaves
3️⃣ Check your eligibility HERE
4️⃣ Spin the roulette
5️⃣ Read more about airdrop

📈Bitcoin is up +5.84% in the last 24 hours
Today's Bitcoin (BTC) Price is $60,352.19

👨‍💻 Complete the 43 mission from Supra Oracles

📆 Remaining: 6 days

To Do:
1️⃣ Go to the website and create an account if you don't have it yet
2️⃣ Complete KYC.
3️⃣ Complete MISSIONS

👉 Mission 43 Answers (options):
1) What is a key benefit of building with Supra’s vertically integrated super chain?
- Seamless integration of services with uniform security guarantees
2) How does Supra’s ultimate super chain differ from modular chains?
- Supra integrates all essential services and functions into one network
3) What is the key benefit of Supra’s ultimate super chain for developers?
- Harmonized stack for building dApps

🔴 Also, on the main page, you can press the red button every day and collect Bobblenaut for $0.25 SUPRA. For the collection, there will be some kind of rewards.

🤖 The #QnA3 Airdrop is officially underway!

📆 The airdrop claim period is open from February 28, 2024, 11:30 AM UTC until March 12, 2024, 11:30 AM UTC.
📍Contract: 0x30842a9c941d9DE3AF582c41ad12b11D776ba69e

To Do:
Check your eligibility and complete the claim form
👇 Please comment how much have you got

🟢 Receive 400 $WEN from the NFT exchanger on Blast

ℹ️ Wen Exchange is a native exchanger for Blast. X is followed by 174.3k subscribers.
🎁 Now we can get 400 $WEN tokens for at least 1 transaction on Ethereum.
For those who staked $ETH they will give more coins.

To Do:
1️⃣ Go to the website
2️⃣ Connect your wallet
3️⃣ Complete social tasks
4️⃣ Invite friends

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🟡 Claim your $PAC airdrop bonus

ℹ️ PACMOON - Blast’s community coin. Launching soon. It looks like stakers in Blast are about to get showered with drops from various projects.

To Do:
1️⃣ Go to the website
2️⃣ Use invite code: 517946
3️⃣ Follow on Twitter, connect your wallet
4️⃣ Invite friends
5️⃣ Wait for the sprinkle of rewards

🟧 New activities from Debank

ℹ️ Debank is an ultimate and super useful tool that allows you to view the total balance of any wallet in all EVM networks.
Now we can perform some activities that will help us get Airdrop in the future!

To Do:
1️⃣ Follow the LINK
2️⃣ In the upper right corner click "Login in via web3 wallet"
3️⃣ Connect wallet
4️⃣ After login, click on “Follow”
5️⃣ Go here and see what badges are available for you to Mint
6️⃣ Social activities: make posts, comment posts, vote, trust

👨‍💻 Taiko 2 Galxe campaigns

ℹ️ Taiko — Layer 2 solution compatible with EVM and other Layer 2, built on top of zkRollup.

Project launched a new campaigns on Galxe:

1️⃣ Taiko x Guild: Define Your Role
Answers to the quiz: C, C, A, C, D

2️⃣ Beyond Mainnet The Road to Taiko’s BBR: Video, Quiz & Showcase
Answers to the quiz: C, D, B, C, B

‼️ URGENT! Farm points from OGCommunity (BingX partner)

ℹ️ OGCommunity - building an influential ecosystem in the gaming industry.
They have partnerships with Dmail, BingX, Bitget exchanges, as well as HOT (Near Wallet), Notcoin, Tapswap.
🎁 Now we can farm points every day for which we will receive $OGC tokens in future.
📆 The launch of the token is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 24.

To Do:
1️⃣ Go to the website
2️⃣ Register via email
3️⃣ Press the "GRAB" button every 10 hours and get 6.25 $OGC
4️⃣ Do additional tasks if you want
5️⃣ In your profile (top left) indicate the MM wallet address
6️⃣ Invite friends

🐋 Bitcoin ETF balance from BlackRock reached $10 billion (161,265 BTC)

🔸 New Crypto Red Packet Giveaway Campaign

🎁 Reward: random amount of $USDT (up to 3 $USDT)

To Do:
Register on Binance with my link to get trading fee discount.
Go to the webpage and push the button

👇Please comment: How much have you got?

🔥 Blast Network has come to mainnet

ℹ️ Those who invested Earlier Should Migrate their Tokens and points To the mainnet
Early investors will take some bonus multiplier on their points.

To Do:
1️⃣ Migrate to mainnet (gas fee is insane)
2️⃣ After you bridged, earn points normally (like before)

‼️Better to wait 1-2 days and don't rush to check everything

Info source

🌽 Memeland Updates...

🤖 Claim notcoins in the TON bot ℹ️ This bot was presented at the TON conference. 🎁 10k notcoins for you and me, 100k if you have tg premium To Do: 1️⃣ Go to the bot using the LINK on mobile 2️⃣ Tap on the big coin on the screen and collect coins (you…
❗️The launch of the Notcoin token is planned for the end of March, beginning of April. The token will be launched on the TON network.

👇Comment: how much have you clicked already...
🔥 Receiving an airdrop from Common Wealth

ℹ️ Common Wealth is a project that invests in projects at an early stage and receives allocations for this.
🎁 Now they are running a campaign in which they are giving away part of these allocations to the community in $WLTH token.

To Do:
1️⃣ Go to the website
2️⃣ Create an account and click “Start Now”
3️⃣ Select a project and farm XP

👉 The more XP you farm, the more allocation you will receive ($WLTH tokens)

🔷 Seamless Staking Effortless Earnings

ℹ️ EtherFi is a platform for staking on ether, today they raised another $27 million.
Their roadmap says TGE for April of this year

To Do:
1️⃣ Go to the website
2️⃣ Connect your ETH wallet
3️⃣ Deposit ETH
4️⃣ Receive points daily here

🟪 Parcl Season 3 - don't miss

ℹ️ The project is on Solana, there is investment, so why not

To Do:
1️⃣ Exchange SOL for USDC (I exchanged directly in my Phantom wallet)
2️⃣ Follow the link and Provide Liquidity
3️⃣ Enter the code cryptofuga here and get a boost to farming +5%