What is it:

Arbitrage Crypto Trading Strategy is a trading strategy that takes advantage of price discrepancies between different markets or exchanges. It is a type of market-neutral strategy, meaning that it seeks to make profits regardless of the direction of the overall market.


Active crypto trading strategy.


The time can vary from seconds to minutes, and in some cases up to several hours.


The idea behind this strategy is to buy an asset in one market and simultaneously sell it in another market at a higher price, thus profiting from the difference in prices.

How to:

This strategy can be implemented by using automated trading bots or manual trading.

When to use:

It should be used when there are significant price differences between different markets or exchanges, as this will provide the greatest opportunity for profit.


The conclusion of this strategy is that it can be a profitable way to take advantage of price discrepancies between different markets or exchanges, but it requires careful monitoring and analysis to ensure that profits are maximized.

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Source: CurrencyRate

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