Buy and Hold

What is it:

Buy and Hold is one of the investing strategies in which traders buy assets and hold them for a long time, regardless of market fluctuations.


Passive investing strategy.


This strategy is used in long-term investment.


Enter the market without considering the duration of holding the assets. The idea behind this strategy is that for a sufficiently long storage time, timing and entry price will not matter much.

How to:

Just buy a cryptocurrency and hold for a long time until the price is significantly increased.

When to use:

The Buy and Hold strategy is almost always based on fundamental analysis and usually does not affect technical indicators and periodic monitoring of portfolio performance, except from time to time.


Cryptocurrencies are extremely risky and volatile assets, and while holding Bitcoin is a well-known strategy, the same cannot be said for other cryptocurrencies. Hold only cryptos with a recognized good reputation and perspective.

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Source: CurrencyRate

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